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Meet Leonid Afremov, International Acclaimed Artist
Leonid Afremov is an artist who is making his mark by creating beautiful and elegant pieces that everyday people can afford. He does not want to sell his wares to millionaires who will lock them in vaults.

PR Log (Press Release) – May 18, 2009 – Hello Leonid, Why have you started
I wanted people from all over the world that have always been interested in my paintings to be able to locate them on the internet. The website gives an opportunity for everyone to be able to purchase my collections through an online auction bid. This way it allows the person who is interested in my art to pay what they feel it’s worth.

Can you explain what makes your website different?
My online auction, which runs daily, allows people to make bids on what the feel the art is worth to them. They can pick and choose different pieces and make bids at whatever amount they want. It’s quite simple and the site is easy to understand which allows anyone to navigate through it.

What do you offer on the website?
I want to invite people into my soul. This is an opportunity to share my visions and interpretations of life with everyone. Each piece of art represents something genuine to me and I want others to experience as well.

How do you manage to put your pieces of work on the website very inexpensively?
I want people who enjoy my art to have a chance and own it themselves. I have gotten so many requests over the years for paintings, I thought now was a good time to help others put it in there homes. Now with the economy struggling, I wanted to make each piece very affordable to those who are interested in my work. That’s how we developed the bid auction for the site. This way if someone is interested they can pay whatever they can afford for my paintings.

Who would you like to see buy your art?
Anyone who shares the same feelings I do about it. I would like my work to inspire others or even help people recall similar moments in their lives. Each piece is unique to me and I believe many can relate to them.

# # #

Leonid Afremov was born in city of Vitebsk, in 1955, the same town as Marc Chagall, the famous artist who also founded the Vitebsk Art School along with Malevich & Kandinsky. Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1978 and is one of the elite members.

Words from Leonid Afremov:

Every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is born during the creative search; every painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different mood, colors and emotions. I love to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in my paintings. My heart is completely open to art. Thus, I enjoy creating inspired and beautiful paintings from the bottom of my soul. Each of my artworks reflects my feelings, sensitivity, passion, and the music from my soul. True art is alive and inspired by humanity. I believe that art helps us to be free from aggression and depression.
From Robbery to Triumph, The Rise of an Artist with $1 Art Auctions
Forced to paint propaganda in Russia and robbed when in Israel, how Leonid Afremov found success in launching a new Art Auction Website

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) March 26, 2009 -- After finding his studio vandalized in February 2000, Leonid Afremov knew Israel wasn't as welcoming as he thought.

Leonid Afremov's Famous Painting "Alley by the Lake"His hard work and paintings were ruined. Knife-slashed canvases, some of them missing altogether while others hung from the walls, crooked and useless. Thieves ruined pieces of his art and tore holes in his dream to become a great artist.

When he moved to Israel, he thought they would be welcoming since he was Jewish   
But unfortunately, people who are from Israel only care about other Israel-born Jews.   
They asked him, 'Are you Russian? Then go to the Russian Police,'   
Not only would the police not help him, they discriminated against him even though he was Jewish. He wasn't an Israeli-born Jew.   
Moving to the U.S. was the best move for his career. He moved to New York City where he began working on his craft   
In 2002, his artwork was in museums hanging next to artists like Rembrandt.   
Speaking no English, this Russian-Jewish artist had to fight to get his worldwide recognition. He was born in Vitebsk, (USSR) Russia in 1955 where Marc Chagall was born. Chagall was a famous artist who founded the college Afremov attended, Vitebsk University.

Afremov lived in Russia for 35 years painting what the government forced him to do, such as billboards and posters for the communist party. Not liking the fact that he was being dictated what to paint and how to paint, he fled to Israel in 1990 in the hopes of finding artistic freedom.

"When he moved to Israel, he thought they would be welcoming since he was Jewish," said David Afremov, Leonid's son and art manager. "But unfortunately, people who are from Israel only care about other Israel-born Jews."

The thieves broke into his Israel exhibition studio through the front door and back windows. There wasn't an alarm system installed since the area surrounding were mostly families and small businesses. After the break-in, he went to the Israeli Police.

"They asked him, 'Are you Russian? Then go to the Russian Police,'" said David. "Not only would the police not help him, they discriminated against him even though he was Jewish. He wasn't an Israeli-born Jew."

Israel didn't agree with the way he painted men and women together nude and black jazz artists. They thought that artists should paint only Jewish people.

With no help from police or any leads on who broke into his studio, Afremov made the decision to move his family to the United States in 2001 to finally be able to become a recognized artist.

"Moving to the U.S. was the best move for his career. He moved to New York City where he began working on his craft," said David. "In 2002, his artwork was in museums hanging next to artists like Rembrandt."

Today he has over four thousand paintings, in 60 galleries all over the world in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Israel and the U.S. He's only been living in the States for eight years and before that he wasn't widely known for his art.

He lived in NYC for two years while the cold weather started impacting his work. It was beginning to be darker and less colorful than his typical brightly colored landscapes and images.

In 2004 he and his wife, Inna and their two sons, David and Boris, moved to safe and sunny Boca Raton, Florida.

In the U.S., Afremov can paint whatever he sees or visualizes in his mind. There's no government stopping him from painting nude bodies, as they did in Israel, or a government prohibiting him from expressing himself at all.

The Afremov's launched a new art auction website in October 2008 where visitors can purchase his paintings starting at $1. Since the launch, each month there has been a 100% increase in sales, and they have moved into a new studio warehouse to meet the demand.

For more information, visit:

By Samantha Andrews

Dear friends, Hello!
Today I celebrate 5 years of my successful internet bussines, I started it on ebay and I really didn't think it would grow up:-), it has been 5 years of hard work and specially for my friends and fans -only today I have couple offers.
1. When you register today on you can have $75 gift card that you can use on any art gallery purchase(cannot be used towards auctions, stretching or frames).
2.Specially for my collectors I listed new original oil paintings and the starting bid is only $99 !
3.You will receive second painting FREE when you buy one painting in my Art Gallery

Thank you.
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Dear Friends,
   Hello and happy Friday to everyone! I have some great news regarding Starting Friday night I will be featuring my new collection of oil originals. I have been told that these are some of the most vibrant oil paintings have created. Also I am featuring new acrylics and mixed media on my $1 auctions. Look for my new pieces and if you see something you can't live without, remember we have a 0% interest with our new financing system. I hope you enjoy these new originals and have a lovely weekend.
     Best Regards,
Leonid Afremov
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Hello Friends,
  It is my pleasure to announce that I have a new Featured Oil Original that I will be featuring on my Official Home Page. This is a brand new oil I created in the past weeks. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this piece and I hope everyone likes it. Everyone was asking for something new so its a little different from my usual paintings, I tried to use less vibrant colors to give it a cool feeling.

It takes place in the city back in the 1920's, Lets see if you all can tell from the picture what city the painting portrays. Take a guess   

Feel Free to visit to take a look at my new creation. I would love to hear from my fellow deviants about this new piece here is the direct link to it. &nb… will be feature right at the top of the home page. It may take 30 min to update.
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Over the weekend I had many questions about the new bidding terms on the new Here is the explanation. The Oil Originals bidding all start of at $1 and they increase from bidder to bidder. The Giclee Acrylics start off bidding at $45, This is an increase from our old site because the paintings on the new site will automatically be stretched and ready for hanging.
This is actually saving you money, because the price of stretching a paintings is quite expensive at a frame shop. Our new frame shop allows you to look at your piece within our quality selected frames. Simply drag your cursor over the frame you desire and your painting will appear in side the frame, so you can get a look and feel for your piece as a whole before you purchase it.

The next question I had was on the Oils for $299 and FREE paintings. These have all ended as of last week, sorry if you did not get a chance to view or purchase the items.

Other than that my weekend was spent sitting on the couch, away from the studio, watching the new sport that I adore American Football. Very Interesting Plays I saw this weekend was one that end by a lucky pop up, in which another player caught it, which caught the defense off guard. They scored on the play in the closing seconds and 'they won the game, I think it was Denver? Pretty entertaining to say the least.
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I would first like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the help and assistance I have received from all my DA friends!! Your feedback and suggestion have been transferred to the appropriate people to handle these issues. You all have been so grateful to me and I really appreciate it. I love DA and all of you associated with it.

Day 2 has now began of the new site and I am happy to report there are no glitches, (that are apparent). There are still some minor things were are adding to the site, The art gallery is a little discombobulated, but we are working on that as I type.

Other than that, some brief updates on those free paintings, today is the last day to order them. Ohh I am happy to say to my friends that got the Oil Originals for $299, excellent deal, there are currently 10 left, So if your interested please call me studio phone # on the top of my home page. If you like to see them again here is the…

You All Are The Greatest!!!!!!!!!

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International Artist Leonid Afremov, has a new official home page with features that users desired. The new site is 100% secure and has exciting new features such as the frame shop, which allows guests to see their artwork inside the frames before they purchase. The new site also has a search feature to find a particular piece you are looking for. Clearance items as well.  

With a new site comes an excellent promotion! OIL ORIGINALS FOR ONLY $299!!…
CLICK THE LICK TO SEE THEM (ONLY 17 SO ACT FAST) called the # on the home page to order an original.
ALSO FREE ACRYLIC PAINTINGS!!! these are LARGE 24x36, and can come rolled or framed! here is Leonid's home page
So I decided to get my fill of American Football this past weekend. It was so exciting it couldn't not contain my self. I attended the University of Miami vs Florida State University game.

I got my ticket with a friend from Miami, He said it would be a great game because of the continuous rivalry between the two schools. I bought my orange t-shirt and headed to Tallahassee. The environment was crazy these college kids get into their sports, chants, yells, and alcohol seemed to be all around.

The game kept me on my seat the whole time and came down to a nail bitter at the end, With Miami holding a goal line stand to win the game. I will be sure to continue to watch these football games and now Im beginning to wonder how much better a NFL game would be with star players.
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Hello there!!
I need to ask a favor from all my deviant friends. I am close to relaunching my site to a new location with better software and before I gave the OK, I wanted to know what everyone thought visually, ease of operation and so on. My temporary site will be placed at  … is the new look and software, feel free to look around and explore.Do whatever you like, its only a tester, and not fully complete yet. If you could give me any feed back at all on anything, graphically, technical, It would be the greatest.

My domain will always be though don't worry that will not change. Tell me whether you like the old or new site better and why. Could be any simple reason. This will be beneficial to me aiding to my customer's needs and wants.

Thank you for all the Help!!

  Love Art and Art Will Love You Back!
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So I ask everyone to last week to suggest a movie to go see with the family while they were down and I picked two and now here are my reviews.

The first movie I went to go see was some animated hamster movie, this was mainly for the children that were visiting. They movie was pretty energetic but it was clearly not my type of movie. This came to light when my wife woke me up at the end of the movie, hehe. So I guess you will have to see that one yourselves to know what goes on.

The next Movie I went to see with my cousin and uncle which was Inglorious Bastards, which was an adult movie clearly. This film was excellent though a little strange being in Europe so early, I thought the US came in 45'  but whatever. Ultimately this movie was awesome the ending was good I dont want to spoil it but its worth your 7.50.
  Let me know what you thought

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Americans for the Arts, the leading organization for advancing the arts in America, announces recipients of the 2009 National Arts Awards. The annual awards recognize those artists and arts leaders who exhibit exemplary national leadership and whose work demonstrates extraordinary artistic achievement. They are organizations and individuals—artists, business leaders, and patrons—who understand that the arts enrich people and communities alike. Americans for the Arts is the leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. With offices in Washington, DC, and New York City, it has a record of 49 years of service. Americans for the Arts is dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.

This year, the following will be honored:

Robert Redford, Lifetime Achievement Award
Salman Rushdie, Kitty Carlisle Hart Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Arts
Ed Ruscha, Artistic Excellence Award
Sidney Harman, Frederick R. Weisman Award for Philanthropy in the Arts
Rosario Dawson, Young Artist Award for Artistic Excellence
Anne Finucane, Bank of America, Corporate Citizenship in the Arts Award
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Today my relatives from out of the country have settled in at the house and I have the weekend planned!
First thing we will do is go to the beach because some of them have never seen the ocean before!, That should be an exciting experience for them. Im in Florida and its like a 1000 degrees here so once we leave the beach I plan on going getting Ice cream and going ice skating.
  Later on tonight I am going to bring out the bottles of wine and serve a traditional American meal. Steak and potatoes, MMMMmmmmMMMM one of my favorite dishes since I moved here years ago. Then tomorrow I plan on going to the movies to see a flick, Does anyone have any suggestions on what to go see out there? It has been years since I have gone to the theater? I have no Idea whats even playing.
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I know I keep mentioning art scams, but they continue to help artists that are new to the internet. So, I thought I would create a post with the art scammer's name and email. I'll update this post with new names, aliases and emails of the scummy excuses for human beings and hopefully it will prevent a lot of artists from being ripped off.

Please send me the name and email of any art scam emails that you receive and I will add it to this post. If artists are suspicious and do a Google search for the person (poor excuse for one), I hope they find this post! Please link to this post and/or tell your artist friends about it.

The way they work is to send you a check/cheque that is much larger than the amount you agreed on for your art. They ask you to send the extra money back to them, just before you find out that their check is fake.


(scammers are arranged alphabetically by their first name)

Bikram Shrestha -
Claire -
Claire Pink -
Crewford -
Crystal Moll -
Dave Frank -
Francis Morgan for Expressmover
Garritt Miller -
George Craige -
Henry Matt -
James Carter
Jane Francis -
Janet Brand -
Janet Francis -
Janet Gillian -
Janet Rumsey -
Janet Vida -
Jeff Carter for Expressmover -
Jeff Moll
Jessica -
Johnson Mark -
Kim Bauer -
Lisa Benson -, and
Nicole Danes -
Nicole Roane -
Precious -
Raymond Hyslop - and
Robert Cole -
Sandra Haddock -
Sandra Williams -
Steven Pallin -
Susan Cutter -
Swane Mackerel -
Tina Brown -
So Today at the local college, classes started and I have a good friend that is an art teacher of a specific university. She asked me to come in a be a guest in her class room. I agreed because I am always looking to help out students.

They were going to be learning the palette knife technique so I stopped in this morning. After displaying my techniques, I showed them how to speed up your painting. I painted something quick to display what I was referring too.

  After class was over I walked to my car. I had a guest parking pass but I saw a bright yellow slip under my windshield wiper, I knew it was a ticket. I read the details, I could believe what I was reading. The fine was minor only $10 but guess what I was written up for.... Backing into a parking space? Really? C'mon

  looks like I will be donating my time and expertise along with funds to the university lol!
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Authorities said Bennie Crabtree is the most-arrested man in the county. Records show he has been arrested 146 times since 1998, when Hamilton County's record-keeping system was updated. Veteran police officers said he was arrested many more times in the decades before that.

Crabtree's record includes criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct and theft. Police say he steals food and intrudes in places such as the University of Cincinnati, hospitals and businesses. He's never done anything serious enough to be sent to prison.

Because of jail overcrowding, he's now often released hours after arrest.

Police say the 61-year-old man has lived mostly on the streets and has some mental problems.

A social worker says Crabtree is lonely.
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These art lottery stories always make me think about the stupidity of the art market. If money motivated me I would find a lost masterpiece at a flea market every few years. A $5 painting worth $50 million is a wonderful story, but it's a story that should be in the fiction section. Just because a Jackson Pollock sells for $140 million doesn't mean that paintings which look like Jackson Pollock also increase in value.

My art lottery rant is purely based on common sense though, so maybe the painting is worth $50 million.

The Gallery Delisle in Toronoto, Canada has the "Jackson Pollock" painting up for sale with a price tag of $50 million. The retired truck driver Teri Horton bought the painting for $5 back in 1992 and has been nicknamed "Teri's Find." It was rejected by the "elite U.S. art community" but received "forensic authentication."

For me, a quote on CBSNews from Teri Horton sums this painting up.. "Do I personally think it's worth $50 million? Hell no. It's worth the $5 I gave for it. It's ugly."
Famous Artists:
Top 30 Artist Searches
(May 1-31, 2009)

The most popular artist searches last month: a lighthearted measurement of which famous artists have the greatest "mindshare" in our collective culture.

     Rank       Artist Mindshare Index
(Picasso = 100)
1 Pablo Picasso 100
2 Vincent van Gogh 75
3 Leonardo da Vinci 60
4 Claude Monet 58
5 Salvador Dali 50
6 Rembrandt 34
7 Henri Matisse 42
8 Andy Warhol 41
9 Peter Paul Rubens 33
10 Edgar Degas 32
11 Wassily Kandinsky 31
12 Raphael 31
13 Paul Cezanne 30
14 Pierre-Auguste Renoir 30
15 Titian 27
16 Joan Miro 26
17 Marc Chagall 27
18 Jackson Pollock 26
19 Goya 26
20 Michelangelo 26
21 Rene Magritte 24
22 Diego Rivera 25
23 Botticelli 23
24 Edouard Manet 23
25 Georgia O'Keeffe 23
26 Albrecht Durer 23
27 Caravaggio 22
28 Edward Hopper 23
29 Paul Klee 22
30 Frida Kahlo 22

Moving up: Rembrandt (#11 to #6), possibly related to the ongoing release of Peter Greenaway's documentary, Rembrandt's J'Accuse. Also Degas (#24 to #10), and Raphael (#20 to #12).

Moving down: Michelangelo (#12 to #20) and Georgia O'Keeffe (#8 way down to #25).
Yesterday I felt like I was in need of some exercising. My good friend called me and invited me to go mountain biking with him. So I accepted figuring it would be an easy. I mean how hard is it to ride a bike? right?

Was I in for a surprise!! We start out in a simple trail, I was getting used to switching the gears and all that nonsense riding up and down ect. When we finished, my friend said " good little beginner course huh? I felt like I was about to die!! " Beginner....I am in trouble!?"

Next we moved to the hard course, there were hills, bridges, cliffs, large obstacles and so on. After about an hour of ridding we exited. I looked like hell, cover from head to toe is muddy water and mud, both hands are bloody from hitting trees while riding, my back is sore, and worst of all It feels like someone took a jackhammer to my crotch!! ouch I cant even sit!

All in All it was a great workout and with a little bit of practice I think I could do better, I need to learn how to stand on the bike, that's for sure, also which brake to use. I found this out going downhill and hitting my front brake, which allowed me to flip face first into the ground. I was so tired afterward I couldn't yell at my friend for the torture I received during this "bike riding"
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I would like to thank everyone who stopped in to read and comment on my journal post. I see from my poll that many of you agreed that my paintings that contain nudity should not be considered pornography. This is why I love this country so much, freedom of speech, here were some contrasting opinions but I enjoy getting multiple points of view on a subject matter. It opens your eyes to a wider spectrum.

But I contacted the company again and told them if I cannot have their full service because my paintings arouse them too much, than they could do without my account completely. They were quick to explain that I could use everything but E-check with my type of work, sounds like Im a porn star, So I picked up a new one and I asked before If they could handle my hot and steamy art. They laughed and agreed.

Thank you again Deviant's