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July 11, 2012


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Paris. Paris. Paris. How many words have been written about this city. This is a city of lovers. City of romantics. I am sure you have seen this arc many times. It reminds me about our life. The triumphal arc has been a witness of different times, about different kings and citizens, of people who lived and still are living in Paris. Through the arc thousands of cars, lives and people are flowing day by day. After days are following nights, one generation is changed by another one, the seasons are changing. So many things are changing around it, but the arc is still the same. It is surrounded by changing city lights and it is flashing unrepeated power of centuries. I will come back to this arc soon to fell in love again with the love of my life – my beloved wife Inna. I will take her hand in mine and we will be standing and keeping silence for a while to feel how the life is flowing around us smile to the arc together.   

BIG BEN 2012
People say that there is always a smog or fog in London. It is not true. Especially on the New Years Eve. That day there were no fog, no rain and it was amazingly bright daylight during the night.  The citizens and government of the city did they best and made a really dazzling festivity not only for the London city itself but also for everyone, who was watching this unforgettable and probably the best fireworks show this year. The Big Ben was covered by milliards of light for almost one hour and I am pretty sure that this show will stay in minds of millions people. Such an impressive light, rays and colors show has been done in the U.K. for the first time. I wish my painting will bring a bright mood in your soul. I wish it will paint the surrounding around you with it colors, energy. Let the joy and brightness shine for you and make you more happy. Present the carnival of lights to people you truly love and let the hearts of your beloved are full with huge amount of dazzling lights, colors and happiness!  

Almost all cities are noisy and crowded. They are full of rush and lack of time. People are running around, they are in a hurry trying to get as much as possible. They are copying each other, are being slaves of physical things. Around almost everyone there is a tornado of information, numbers, dates, names, facts, things to do and so on and so on. But there are also happy cities. Here is one of those. This is a city by the lake. The lake helps the city to breath but to the citizens it helps to relax and get out of the city rush. The lake is healing the soul of the city, it gives to the city the strengths and reminds about the silence. In the city by the lake people are more happy than in other cities.
Once I used to live in such city… the city by the lake. Are you missing me? City by the lake

Kids know how to dream. Adults almost don't. Grownups want to own many things but as soon as they get one, they start to dream about having another one. Kids can dream just for fun and it will be hard to find any grownup, which can be as happy as a kid. The kid happiness is like a Vulcan. The Vulcan of joy, laugh, emotions, screams, noises, sun and brightness. In one second the kid can dive into a fountain of smiles and fun and it can jump around you until it gets tired.
Lets dream more like kids. This painting is full of children laugh, joy and happiness. When the magic road in the fairy forest leads the hero to his dream, the whole world stops for a while, letting the full taste of the fulfilled dream is filling every corner of the dreamer`s heart. The then whole Universe sings along.
The dreams are coming true. Lets dream. Probably the more we will be dreaming, the faster our dreams will be fulfilled.  Dream on and follow your dreams.      

Take a walk to the alley by the lake with me. Breath in the freshness of waters and take a look on the tree`s shadows and lanterns lights. Take a look how the moonshine and lantern lights are painting the alley and leaves. Feel the touch of wind in your hair and catch the cooling refreshing smell of the evening air.
Invite to a walk to the alley by the lake the person you love to listen to or a person you love to tell stories to...or someone you love to listen to silence with.
The alley by the lake can be compared to the road of life which we all are walking on until our last day. There we can see all the colors the life is painting our road.  Enjoy as much as you can this certain walk along the lake as well as your life.
I can see two people walking on the alley by the lake. They managed to walk it all almost until the end but they still are holding each other hand. The alley will remember them and it will be waiting to meet them again.
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skygazer17 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
I wish I had the $, they are so beautiful
My favorite: When Dreams Come True. I will never stop dreaming!
PocahontasJohn Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
Besides the beautiful words you also have a good choice for music, food and drink!!!
Bradipixel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
one of your awesome works is a google chrome theme!!!I was happy to see that, and immediately I said " this is an Afremov!!!"

you're great.
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