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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Friend,

I would like to wish you very happy thanksgiving. Its very common for every seller or store to provide good discounts and deals for thanksgiving. I was thinking about what I can offer for my loyal fans and decided to offer you 4 paintings for FREE. Its a collection of brand new paintings that I recently painted; none of these paintings have been offered or displayed before.
You can find and order the paintings at this link: [link]
All the paintings are original and one of kind. The size of each painting is 30x40 ( 76cm x 101cm). Only the first 10 people can get a painting for FREE. Its first come first serve basis. The painting is FREE for my fans but I would need to have the cost of the art supplies (paint, canvas, varnish) and shipping and handling compensated. Unfortunately, UPS will not work for free and professional good quality art supplies are not cheap.
To make it fair, you can order no more than 2 paintings per hands. If you get 2, you can select a 3rd free painting from my online gallery but not from the list of the new paintings.
If you have any questions, please ask. My team will be available all day to answer questions.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Best Regards,
Leonid Afremov

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