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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Friend,

I would like to introduce my brand new original oil painting ENDLESS TUNE. This piece was inspired by my love to Jazz and Classical Music. I spend endless amount of time listening to music and painting at the same time. In this painting I want to portray 3 different types of music I love the most. The sax player represents contemporary Jazz, The upright bass player represents traditional Jazz and the Violin player represents Classical Music. The painting just finished drying a few days ago.

The painting is very large its 45''x57'' or 115x145 cm. The gallery value of this painting is $20,500USD. I want to offer this painting to my fans for much less. Now you can submit your offers on this painting. I will consider all the offers throughout the next couple days. The person with the highest offer will be lucky owner of this painting. You can view the painting and submit your offer from this link [link]

The image you see is of the real original painting. I posted it in smaller resolution to protect from illegal printing

Best Regards,

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