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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Friend,
I would like to wish a happy Fatherís Day to all the fathers in the world. I have been a father for 35 years and a grandfather for 8. I must say that good fatherhood largely goes unrecognized; naturally the mothers get most of the credit. I have never made any gestures for fatherís day and I think now itís a good time to make that happen. I want to give something special to all the fellow fathers.

Only today I would like to offer our fathers and also mothers (so they can give a nice gift) a surprise original painting from my special collection for only $99 including shipping anywhere in the world. I prepared a collection of 20 paintings especially for fatherís day. I have various themes available like landscapes, cityscapes, sea and water views, figures and people, flowers and animals. The painting is supposed to be a surprise like a Christmas gift but you can select the themes you like. If you purchase 2 paintings, you will receive a 3rd painting free of charge.
You can purchase your surprise painting for fatherís day from this link [link]
I hope the paintings will bring much joy and happiness to your home or workplace.

Best Regards,
Leonid Afremov

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