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would you place a bid on this painting?… 

112 deviants said no
37 deviants said yes

Devious Comments

I would especially love to place a bid on this work of art, over and above your other works because it is so emotionally moving to me and calming. Unfortunately, the bidding is quite above my price range. I am very grateful that you shared it with us. Thank you!
I would love to place a bid, but money is too tight :(
renjisgirl12 Dec 23, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thid particular painting isnt my favourite, and seeing as i dont have much money, i would have to pass on this piece.....however, if it were on of my favs, i would gladly bid ^^
I like your style and i like the abstract thing in it.
so like it much.

want to buy but theres no money...
Yes! It's stunning! I'd place a bid on anything you do.
I would if I had money :(
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