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Where Do You Go to Purchase Art? 

765 deviants said I create my own
138 deviants said Online
129 deviants said Art Festivals
123 deviants said Local Stores
55 deviants said Art fair
28 deviants said I hate Art
4 deviants said Newspaper

Devious Comments

I mostly just make my own, but sometimes I like to buy small prints from Deviant artist and some small peices from local artist at Two Buck tuesdays at Kalleid Gallery in San Jose.

If I had space for art in my home, I would probably buy more and larger peices, but I rent a single room in a house and do not have much space to put up anything more than my own art, and even some of that is stacked up against the wall and packed away due to lack of space.
You chose the best place for making a poll of art sources...
Tsuchan Jun 11, 2009  Professional General Artist
I create my own art but like to buy hand-made crafts like hand-blown glass, pottery, or weaving from artist's stores.
KeswickPinhead Jun 11, 2009   General Artist
Create myself, no money.
If I had cash, I could see myself buying some of your stuff.
I wish I lived closer, I'd like to take painting lessons from you.
Your colourful style never ceases to amaze, and you are incredibly prolific.
You are one of a handful of people I watch, that I would HOPE can make a living from their artwork.
debbie07 Jun 11, 2009  Professional General Artist
Mostly I like art festivals or go and take a look at a gallery, but I create my own, thought I'd like to do more...
I create some, but I wouldn't hang my stuff on walls. I go to local stores mostly.
I create my own art but if I'm going to actually purchase artwork, I go to Goodwill.
Leonidafremov Jun 11, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
thats great you give back to the community!
Yes, they really do have some wonderful paintings there. :)
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