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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist

I have been receiving many requests for huge paintings for big walls. I normally do not paint new originals in very large sizes. But since Halloween is coming up soon, I want to scare you with scary sizes. Now you can commission a huge version of any painting from my online catalog in any size you want between 36" x 48" and 72" x 48" or even larger. The painting can be either vertical or horizontal. The painting will be made only with a palette knife and will be in the best possible quality.(the gallery value 12,650$) I will be putting extra attention into each painting because I want to make it a special personal piece. I will even write special wishes to your name on the back.

The price for huge commission painting 72x48" and larger is $189 including shipping and handling anywhere in the world. , all large paintings can be shipped only rolled. But don't worry the price of stretching in the US and Canada is very affordable. You can place a special spark to your home or office with a mural size painting for only $189.

Link to the online catalog:


How it works: You select the painting you like from my online catalog and I will create a special listing to pay with paypal or credit card for $279. You can select the size according to your needs. You can also send the payment directly to my paypal with the link to the painting you wish to have and the requested size. If you order 2 huge paintings, I will give you a free painting in addition. If you have any questions, please ask or go to the live chat.

Best Regards,

Leonid Afremov

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