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Leonidafremov Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I would like to present you the first ever limited edition of Calendars for 2012 with pictures of my paintings. This is the first time I'm issuing a calendar with my paintings. The calendars come in a limited edition of 125 copies and each copy comes with a certificate. The quality of the print is extra ordinary. The calendars look absolutely astonishing. Each calendar has the owners he name printed in it. It can be your name or a name of someone you wish to give the calendar as a gift to. Each page of the calendar is signed by me and on the cover there will be private holiday wishes from me. I write the holiday wishes by hand and each of them is going to be different. Each picture in the calendar is a painting that corresponds to the month and season of the year.
There are only 125 calendars printed with this specific selection of paintings. The price of one calendar is $99, thats including shipping fees to anywhere in the world. This is not much for such a wonderful unique gift. If you interested to buy one calendar , please send the payments to my paypal or use this link to order.

Link to Calendar : [link]

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